Stylflip aims to be India’s largest community driven virtual wardrobe platform where users can buy, sell and discover their personal style by shopping from the closets of millions of women around them.
Stylflip will re-define the way you consume fashion and give you access to thousands of trendy, high fashion and luxury brands at the tips of your fingers – all while you get access to an infinite and de-cluttered wardrobe filled with the pieces you love!
We give you access to a curated marketplace where women can buy, sell and discover fashion through closets of friends or like minded people.Our long term vision is to provide users with an infinite access to brands and the latest in fashion from all over the world. We believe women should never have to worry about repeating their clothes ever and have something new to wear everyday without cluttering their closet !

For fashionable women who have closets full and yet nothing to wear, StylFlip is a social platform to sell, shop and flaunt your branded pre-owned fashion.

You can access thousands of trendy, high fashion and luxury brands at a fraction of the cost. StylFlip helps you sell your closet and flaunt your style to a stylish community where fashion meets creativity and buyers & sellers interact with ease and confidence.

We help women:

Sell: De-clutter and sell fashion pieces from their closet for cash so that they can fund their next purchase.

Join a community: Constantly re-discover and flaunt their current style to a community filled with like-minded fashion enthusiasts and friends

Buy: Score amazing deals on fashion brands they crave in a secure and trusted shopping environment

We make:

Selling as easy as Buying – Closet to cash in 3 easy steps, free listing and 100% payout

You look great and make friends while doing it – Flaunt what you have, share the fashion on your mind and re-discover your style

Fashion brands accessible – Save upto 80% on renowned fashion brands, shop securely using the Stylflip Promise and easy returns.