Shipping Fees
We charge a flat rate of Rs 120 per order on order value below Rs 2,000/-
For orders more than Rs 2,000 we provide free shipping.

We usually take 7-12 working days to deliver your order.

Returns Shipping
In case of any returns that meet our returns policy, We do not charge any additional shipping fees while returning an item that conforms to our Returns and Cancellation policy, but the shipping fees paid on the original order is non-refundable

Returns of items that fail the Stylflip Promise
In the event an item received by us fails The StylFlip Promise, we will not ship the item back to the seller. However, the seller is free to contact us and arrange to have it collected at his or her own cost. As per policy, we will keep the item in our custody for up to 90 days post which we reserve the right to either donate or destroy the same if not collected.