Winter is here and it is time to layer up! Think bombers, dusters, blazers, shrugs…..  and the list goes on. This season, you can cozy up in your favorite outerwear and have fun with layering to create different looks.
Are you still looking for that perfect piece to slay in?  Stress no more cause we’ve got you covered!


Vero Moda Olive Jacket
Stay versatile and chic with this Olive Jacket from Vero Moda.

Vero Moda Animal Print Jacket
Flip it up by sporting this Animal print jacket to add that feline touch to your ensemble.

Forever 21 Nude Biker Jacket
The Forever 21 Nude Biker jacket is a neutral piece that anyone can rock with style.


Stalk Buy Love Sleeveless Blazer
Emerge in style with this uber- chic powder blue sleeveless  blazer.

Juicy Couture Hooded Jacket
This comfy velour jacket will make you feel like royalty and keep you in trend!

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Flip your attitude. Flip your style.

flip your style

A woman has two problems:

1. Nothing to wear

2. No space for all the clothes

But, worry not, we will be here soon to take those troubles away…

Discover, sell and buy fashion straight from your wardrobe in a social boutique like experience!


Now you can get access to thousands of trendy, high fashion and luxury

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clean out your closet

To begin cleaning out a messy closet take every single thing out of it! Here’s a simple but effective infographic to help you out… Have fun! x

closet infographic

Sarah Jessica Parker – Turns 50!

So, Sarah Jessica Parker turned 50 this week! To commemorate the day and the former Miss Carrie Bradshaw — we’d like to reminisce about all of our favourite fashion moments from Sex and the City. Have a look


sjp1Carrie in Sonia Rykiel, Season six.

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Star Struck – Part One

After some major research, we’ve figured that the cosmos does indeed have a certain power over our fashion senses! So, we’ve jotted down some pretty interesting tips and put a few looks together to help you bring out your own personal style!



star sign style Tailored pieces (blazers, cigarette trousers) &  luxurious fabrics are just  your thing! You also appreciate good craftsmanship.

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Keeping it Light

While we can all agree that, we simply cannot wait for the weather to get cooler, we still live in a pretty hot & humid place! And so our love for gorgeous knee-high boots and fluffy fur coats must be shunned aside… But, have no fear, we still love to layer! So, here’s to doing it right, and keeping it light. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 3.15.23 pm copy

Throw a fluffy cardigan over a basic tee & jeans for a casual everyday look. Add on a printed scarf, and you’re good to go!

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Iconic Fashion Movies Every Fashionista Must Watch

Movies have the ability to transform an actress into a fashion icon, whether it’s Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City to Sonam Kapoor in Aisha. The fashion industry used to be viewed as a bunch of people that love playing dress up and going to parties but it has definitely changed over the years. We’ve listed movies that show you not only fabulous outfits but also a deeper insight into the industry. So go ahead and plan a fashion movie marathon.

1. Coco before Chanel

The story of Audrey Tauton on how she went on to build one of the most spectacular fashion empires the world has ever seen, all while wearing her string of pearls.

Audrey Tautou as COCO CHANEL in Anne Fontaine's COCO AVANT CHANEL. Read more

Fabulous Halloween Costumes Straight From Your Wardrobe

Halloween’s right around the corner but you haven’t got a clue what to wear, if you’ve read our blogpost on ‘Top 10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Should Own’ and have a few of those basics in your wardrobe then you are good to go! Here’s a list of costumes that are easy to assemble and will leave you looking absolutely fabulous.

Undercover superwomen

White shirt, black pencil skirt and of course a superman tee and you are all set. Nerdy glasses and suspenders are peripherals that will make your costume look killer.


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Top Ten Fashion Essentials Every Girl Should Own

Every woman has her own sense of style and year on year there are a whole lot of trends that come and go. At times it can be pretty confusing what to buy and very often we end up with impulse purchases filled with regret later. We have already given you a guide to De-Clutter your wardrobe and now Stylflip is here to help you pick the top ten classic pieces that never go out of style and are absolute essentials.Invest in these classic pieces which can be easily mixed with other statement trendy items and you will never have to worry what to wear . Read more

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