August 19, 2016 StylFlip Team

4 Must Have Bags To Brag About!

A good handbag is like a bestie. No matter what she’ll never leave your side. In sickness or in health- you can always count on your handbag! It’s essential to pick the right one and make sure, she’s the best out of the lot. So whether it’s work or play, we’ve picked out the best bags to brag about this season.

ALEX (8)

New Look Handbag INR 1440/- 

SFCloset to raid Mariem Shamsi

ALEX (9)

Koovs Unicorn Bag INR 990/- 

SFCloset to raid: Naaz Arora

ALEX (7)

Sling bag INR 1560/- 

SFCloset to raid Roshni Gandhi

ALEX (6)

Snake Skin Sling/clutch by Stalk Buy Love INR 960/- 

SFCloset to raid Shivi Tandon