At StylFlip we are all one big family. We care as passionately about what we do as we do for each other. Trying out a fairly new concept in the India we hope to make a difference, whether its helping you clean out your closet, reducing your carbon footprint  or giving back to the community.

While, it’s important that we stay responsible, we’re all about having fun and learning as we go! Currently working out of a cool community office space, we’ve got our hands on unlimited coffee… Yes, you read that right, lots of tea and a comfy meeting room in the attic! Oh, and incase you need to snap out of staring at your screen, we have a library too!

We’re currently looking for

  • Marketers
  • Content Experts
  • Ops Guys
  • Social Media Enthusiasts & Interns

Want to flip your world around too? Come, join us!

Hit us up on and tell us why you will be an awesome addition to our team.