Winter is here and it is time to layer up! Think bombers, dusters, blazers, shrugs…..  and the list goes on. This season, you can cozy up in your favorite outerwear and have fun with layering to create different looks.
Are you still looking for that perfect piece to slay in?  Stress no more cause we’ve got you covered!


Vero Moda Olive Jacket
Stay versatile and chic with this Olive Jacket from Vero Moda.

Vero Moda Animal Print Jacket
Flip it up by sporting this Animal print jacket to add that feline touch to your ensemble.

Forever 21 Nude Biker Jacket
The Forever 21 Nude Biker jacket is a neutral piece that anyone can rock with style.


Stalk Buy Love Sleeveless Blazer
Emerge in style with this uber- chic powder blue sleeveless  blazer.

Juicy Couture Hooded Jacket
This comfy velour jacket will make you feel like royalty and keep you in trend!

New Week, New Things- Office Wear Essentials!

LoneWolf (1)

Who says work-wear needs to be boring? It’s essential to keep it classy but no one said it can’t be fun! Of course, we love our pencil skirts and black blazers but some days we just love playing around and adding a touch of freshness to our work wear with some fun prints and colours. And because we understand the need to break monotony, here are a few of our FAVES from this week that’ll help you look like the #GirlBoss you really are!

wild (2)

Missamore White Blazer- INR 780/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻 TheFDrug

wild (1)

Boohoo Printed Shirt- INR 780/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻 FilterFashion


Chemistry Blue Kurta- INR 1079/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻  That Boho Girl

wild (4)

GAP Denim Skirt- INR 1080/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻  Divya Maben

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ALEX (5)

A Fashion Blogger, Youtuber and an awesome flipper- Farheen Naqi of Filter Fashion is by far one of our FAVE bloggers. With a droolworthy closet and an even spectacular style, she always has us crushing over her fabulous and Instaworthy #OOTD! And because she’s our #StarFlipper, we asked her 10 fun questions so you get to know her even better!

  1. In one sentence tell us about your awesome self: 
    A fashion-obsessed cat lover.
  2. Current style obsession: 
    Definitely pom-pom everything
  3. Describe your style in 3 words:
    Classic. Modest. Experimental.
  4. Style crush:
    Aimee Song from Song of Style
  5. An outfit you could live in for the rest of your life: 
    Jeans, a t shirt and a lightweight blazer on top.
  6. One trend you’d never be caught dead in:
    Those Juicy Couture Velour tracksuits
  7. If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be? 
    Probably Selena Gomez just to see what perfection feels like.
  8. Tips on thrift shopping:  
    *Find items in your closet that you haven’t worn in a while and go find some pieces that match them when you’re out thrift shopping.
    *Look at some websites to see what’s on trend and try to find similar styles at thrift stores. i.e baseball caps are super in and can easily be found at a thrift store!
  9. What do you love about StylFlip: 
    I love how easy it is for me to recycle my closet now.
  10. 3 Reasons why everybody should start flipping STAT: 
    *Make money to buy new clothes.
    *Give home to clothes that aren’t your style/or don’t fit and filter your closet.
    *Find high-street pieces in good condition for cheap from other flippers.
    Get your hands on Farheen’s FAB closet here <<

Meet Our #StarFlipper Aakriti Of La Chica Loca

Fashionista, model, stylist and a full-time awesome blogger- Aakriti Rana of La Chica Loca needs no introduction! Besides having her own fabulous blog, she also own the most stylish closet on StylFlip. And because she’s our #StarFlipper, we asked her 10 fun questions so you get to know her even better!



    1. In one sentence tell us about your awesome self: Very adventurous, creative, crazy about fashion and a little crazy.
    2. Current style obsession: I am completely obsessed with cold shoulder tops! I literally want to buy all thing cold shoulder  and I think these tops/dresses look absolutely amazing. 
    3. Describe your style in 3 words: Edgy, Versatile and Chic!
    4. Style crush: Sonam Kapoor forever!
    5. An outfit you could live in for the rest of your life: My husband’s black over sized t-shirt and high waist stretchable denims!
    6. One trend you’d never be caught dead in: Wearing Culottes! I just haven’t come to terms with that trend!
    7. If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be? I would love to be Sonam Kapoor for a day! Have her wardrobe, go for a shoot and experience her oh-so-glam life!
    8. Pro-tips on shopping: Firstly, examine your closet and find out what you need. Then check out some online stores to see the latest trends and what they’re priced at. Once you’ve made up your mind on what you really need, invest in that at a reasonable cost.  
    9. What do you love about StylFlip: I love how I can sell all my preowned clothes which I barely use for shoots once in awhile to all my followers who really like my wardrobe. Also, it’s super convenient to find amazing clothes from good brands at super cheap prices. 
    10. 3 Reasons why everybody should start flipping STAT: StylFlip is an amazing app where you can check out some awesome products from their listed brand closets and buy pre-loved clothes at a very reasonable price. I love listing and selling my outfits with StylFlip and getting paid for the same, which gives me more the reason to buy more things! 😉 

Get your hands on Aakriti’s FAB closet here <<



Flip your attitude. Flip your style.

flip your style

A woman has two problems:

1. Nothing to wear

2. No space for all the clothes

But, worry not, we will be here soon to take those troubles away…

Discover, sell and buy fashion straight from your wardrobe in a social boutique like experience!


Now you can get access to thousands of trendy, high fashion and luxury

brands at the tips of your fingers – all while you get access to an infinite

and de-cluttered wardrobe filled only with the pieces you love.

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Star Struck – Part One

After some major research, we’ve figured that the cosmos does indeed have a certain power over our fashion senses! So, we’ve jotted down some pretty interesting tips and put a few looks together to help you bring out your own personal style!



star sign style Tailored pieces (blazers, cigarette trousers) &  luxurious fabrics are just  your thing! You also appreciate good craftsmanship.

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Keeping it Light

While we can all agree that, we simply cannot wait for the weather to get cooler, we still live in a pretty hot & humid place! And so our love for gorgeous knee-high boots and fluffy fur coats must be shunned aside… But, have no fear, we still love to layer! So, here’s to doing it right, and keeping it light. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 3.15.23 pm copy

Throw a fluffy cardigan over a basic tee & jeans for a casual everyday look. Add on a printed scarf, and you’re good to go!

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Iconic Fashion Movies Every Fashionista Must Watch

Movies have the ability to transform an actress into a fashion icon, whether it’s Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City to Sonam Kapoor in Aisha. The fashion industry used to be viewed as a bunch of people that love playing dress up and going to parties but it has definitely changed over the years. We’ve listed movies that show you not only fabulous outfits but also a deeper insight into the industry. So go ahead and plan a fashion movie marathon.

1. Coco before Chanel

The story of Audrey Tauton on how she went on to build one of the most spectacular fashion empires the world has ever seen, all while wearing her string of pearls.

Audrey Tautou as COCO CHANEL in Anne Fontaine's COCO AVANT CHANEL. Read more

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