August 31, 2016 StylFlip Team

Must Have Accessories For Work And Play

Think of accessories as your armour. They have the power to make or break any outfit and it’s also a great way let people get a hint of your personality! Yep, that’s right. Whether you’re into chunky bold baubles or dainty delicate chains- your choice of accessories can say heaps about you and your style. Okay so now that we’ve established how essential it is to have the right kinda accessories in your lil bauble box; we got our stylist to pick 4 MUST HAVE accessories that can be doubled up for work and play.


ALEX (13)

Silver Chunky Necklace- INR 660

ALEX (12)

House Of Accessories Jazz Gold Cuff Bracelet- INR 399/- 

ALEX (10)

Bauble Love Olyesa Necklace- INR 1620/-


ALEX (11)

Blur Mint Tear Drop Round Earring- INR 500/- 


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