August 8, 2016 StylFlip Team

New Week, New Things- Office Wear Essentials!

LoneWolf (1)

Who says work-wear needs to be boring? It’s essential to keep it classy but no one said it can’t be fun! Of course, we love our pencil skirts and black blazers but some days we just love playing around and adding a touch of freshness to our work wear with some fun prints and colours. And because we understand the need to break monotony, here are a few of our FAVES from this week that’ll help you look like the #GirlBoss you really are!

wild (2)

Missamore White Blazer- INR 780/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻 TheFDrug

wild (1)

Boohoo Printed Shirt- INR 780/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻 FilterFashion


Chemistry Blue Kurta- INR 1079/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻  That Boho Girl

wild (4)

GAP Denim Skirt- INR 1080/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻  Divya Maben

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