4 Gorgeous Shoes To Add To Your Closet STAT!


“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy shoes and that’s kind of same thing”- Yep, you heard that right! Men we may not know, but shoes, shoes we know! Okay fine! we’ve been trying to lure  you with quotes but c’mon do you really need a reason to buy your perfect sole-mate? Nope, we didn’t think so. We’ve handpicked the most drool-worthy shoes you can snag directly from our app! Here’re our top 4 FAVE shoes to keep’em feet always stylish.


Jean Michel Cazabat Pointed Wedge Heels Shoes, INR 1800/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻   Imsu Pithsala

Tan Lace Up Sandals, INR 720/-  

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻  Rachna Takawale


Forever 21 FAUX SUEDE LACE UP HEELS, INR 1800/- 

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻  Mariem Shamsi



Shoe2 Forever21 Black Block Heels, INR 1320/-

SFCloset to raid 💁🏻  Rachna Takawale

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