Packaging Guide



Style Guide


A quick guide to help you listing your item and capturing those amazing shots that could help you sell it quicker, get you loads of followers and possibly get featured too..


CLICK a photo of the item you want to sell with your iOS or Android device.


  • Take zoomed in close up shots of your item including labels, washcare instructions and any flaws that the item may have. Remember honesty is appreciated and will reduce chances of a return.
  • The best way to make a sale is to wear your item and style it your way. Your very first photo is called your covershot. Remember first impressions matter and items with good cover photos will attract others and sell faster. Read our tips below for that perfect covershot.


DESCRIBE your item accurately. Include info such as the condition the item is in, the fabric, color, brand, condition & most importantly the size.


SUBMIT your item. Ensure that your profile is complete and KYC details are all filled in!

Tips to those perfect covershots

Tip 1

  • Style your picture- The best way to make a sale is to wear your item and style it your way. Making a sale is a lot easier when a buyer sees the item on you and how you styled it.
  • Click your shot anywhere, indoor or outdoor. Just avoid overcrowded backgrounds.
  • Make sure your photo is taken in good lighting and is clear

Tip 2

  • In case you are camera shy or don’t want to disclose your identity , just crop off the image. Just ensure the fit & fall of the item is visible.

Tip 3

  • Or you could just take a Selfie. Again, go ahead and crop your face if you wish to stay anonymous.

Tip 4

  • Some examples on how to style a bag or an accessory

Tip 5

  •  In case the item doesn’t fit anymore you can always click it on a hanger.
  • Wooden hangers always look better
  • Try and use a clear and light background & crop the images appropriately

Tip 6

  • Accessories look good on a carpet or a nice floor

Tip 7

  •  Try and create fun and interesting looks with your item such as the flat lays.
  • Pair your item with things that can be worn together.

Tip 8

  • To style an item, you can use other items from your closet which are not for sale. Just try and make the item you are listing the ‘Hero’ in your picture such as the white dress below.


Conditions Guide


New with tags – A fashion product with all the labels & tags intact, that has never been used. It could’ve been a gift, or perhaps it just didn’t fit.

New without tags – A new product that has lost its tags and labels but is still as good as new

Barely worn (once or twice) – A product that has been worn one or two times at most

Gently used – A fashion item that has been worn more than a few times, may have lost its charm in your closet but is still as good as new

Pricing Guide


Here’s a few tips to help you price your items according to our accepted conditions

15-25% lower than the retail price for items that are New with Tags

25-40% lower than retail for items that are New without Tags

40-60% off retail for those that are Barely Used (once or twice)

70-90% off for those that are Gently Used

We give our sellers 100% of their asking price. Check out our Sell page and FAQ’s to know more about our commission structure.