What is it?

The StylFlip Promise exists for the benefit of all StylFlippers so that they can shop with confidence and an assurance that the items they are buying are flawless and 100% genuine.


We have a team of experienced fashion and brand experts who painstakingly ensure that all our sellers are real people with genuine products to sell.


How does it work?

Each product submitted for listing is first verified where we comb through your product images, title, description, brand name etc. and check for any discrepancy. We also run a quick check on the seller to ensure that he or she hasn’t had any negative feedback on past transactions. We may call the seller if needed and only once we are satisfied to we approve the listing


Once an item is sold, we pick it up from the seller and get in to our warehouses where the item is thoroughly checked to ensure that it is


  • Branded and not counterfeit or fake
  • Accurate in Size
  • Free from stains, defects, odour, excessive wear and tear, rips, holes etc.
  • All hardware is in its original form and not bent or broken


If our team finds that any item received does no conform to the requirements as above, the buyer will be contacted and we will process a full refund. We will also contact the seller and they are free to have it collected or we can ship it to them at their expense. Incase the seller fails to collect the item for a period of 90 days post our first contact, then StylFlip will either donate or destroy the item. Check out our Terms and Conditions for more details on this.


Our Stance on counterfeits and fakes

We have a strict policy against counterfeit items and piracy in any form will not be tolerated. If we suspect any community member of selling counterfeits we may contact them to provide proof of purchase. Failing to do so will result in the item being destroyed and the seller being banned from the app and his or her wardrobe de-listed.


Authenticity for Luxury Items

For high value and luxury brands, we confirm authenticity using ‘Authenticate First’ and other similar services. We provide a copy of the certificate to the buyer along with your purchase.



Whats covered and whats not?


All items sold on StyFlip are covered by The StylFlip Promise. You will receive a full refund in case

  • The item does not clear our authentication once we receive it
  • You receive an item that is damaged, incorrect, missing, counterfeit/fake or not as described.


Incase any of the above do occur, do get in touch with us within 3 days of receipt of the item as we hold on to seller payments for 72 hours. Once payments are released, no refund will be possible.


Our promise is not applicable incase

  • The item does not fit
  • You change your mind once we have shipped you the item
  • You decide to complete the transaction with the seller offline or outside our app. In this case you bear the risk of all such transactions


Check out our Cancellations & Returns policy and FAQ’s for more info